Representative Cases

The following are examples of cases in which Matthew has acted.

Tort Cases

Acted for investors in a claim brought against the former directors and officers of a mining company on the basis of alleged misrepresentations and breach of duties.

Defended a company in the cannabis industry against a claim of misrepresentation brought by a counterparty in a contemplated business transaction.

Defended a mineral exploration company against a claim of unlawful interference with economic relations brought by a competitor.

Acted for a manufacturer of dairy products in a claim against a supplier for the negligent manufacture and provision of supplies used in the manufacturing process.

Defended an accounting firm against claims of professional negligence.

Acted for clients in claims of defamation against publishers of defamatory statements.

Corporate and Securities Cases

Acted for an investment firm in connection with various petition proceedings in the context of a proxy contest for the control of a public mining company.

Acted for a mineral exploration company in a proxy contest commenced by a dissident shareholder which sought to make various changes to the company’s board.

Acted for a shale gas exploration and production company in share appraisal remedy proceedings brought by dissenting shareholders in respect of a plan of arrangement.

Acted for public and private companies in numerous corporate plans of arrangement.

Defended a mineral exploration company and its CEO in respect of various alleged breaches of securities legislation and regulations.

Contract Disputes

Defended a technology company against a claim by its former business broker for a success fee in respect of a contemplated corporate acquisition.

Acted for an e-commerce company in disputes with its third party logistics providers in connection with challenges arising from the effects of COVID-19.

Defended a technology company in a dispute concerning unauthorized use of software.

Acted for an investment firm in a claim of breach of non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality obligations by a departing partner.

Defended a mineral exploration company in a dispute regarding alleged entitlement to a contractual finder’s fee in connection with a financing.

Acted for various clients in proceedings to stay or transfer proceedings on the basis of forum selection clauses or other jurisdictional matters.

Defended a financial institution against a claim for unpaid commission by a former employee.

Acted for companies and individuals in various industries in claims against former clients for unpaid invoices.


Acted for an investment firm in seeking an injunction to restrain a departing partner from breaching non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality obligations.

Defended a client against an application for an injunction to restrain alleged conduct allegedly in breach of a non-competition clause.

Acted for employers seeking injunctive relief against departing employees in breach of their confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-competition obligations and other duties.

Real Estate and Construction Disputes

Acted for clients in a dispute concerning the division of significant real estate holdings.

Acted for a seller of commercial real estate in a claim against a purchaser for damages resulting from the purchaser’s failure to complete the sales transaction.

Defended a seller of commercial real estate in a dispute involving entitlement to a deposit paid by the buyer in connection with a contemplated real estate acquisition.

Acted for various commercial landlords in disputes with their tenants.

Acted for a company in the mineral preparation and laboratory testing service industry in a claim against various parties in connection with the construction of a testing facility.

Acted for an airline in a claim against various firms in connection with the construction of an airline facility.

Defended a real estate development company against claims brought by contractors.

Acted for real property owners in nuisance disputes with their neighbours.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Cases

Acted for various creditors and other stakeholders in numerous restructuring, receivership and bankruptcy proceedings involving companies in various industries, including the mining, oil and gas, real estate and transportation industries.

Defended an individual against a proceeding brought by a potential judgment creditor to annul her consumer bankruptcy proposal.

Environmental Cases

Defended real property owners against a claim for remediation costs advanced under environmental legislation.

Acted for a real estate developer in matters before the British Columbia Environmental Appeal Board.

Human Rights Cases

Defended various companies and individuals against human rights complaints brought by former employees and prospective customers.

Employment Disputes

Defended various companies against claims of wrongful dismissal by former employees.

Acted for former employees in claims of wrongful dismissal by former employers.

Other Cases

Defended a former criminal defense lawyer against an application to have the lawyer disqualified from acting in a criminal case on the basis of an alleged conflict of interest.

Acted for owners of residential strata units in disputes with their strata corporations.

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Contract Law

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Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law

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Real Estate Law

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Corporate and Securities Law

Mason Capital Succeeds: Appeal Court Confirms CDS’s Ability to Requisition Meeting By ‘Empty Voter’” (2012) 7:4 Corporate Governance Report 41.

Tort Law

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